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Friday, December 13th  

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    Most Popular News Headlines
    Texas fugitive accused of killing officer while speeding away from tra... - Fox News 8 hours ago

        A rapper who goes by the alias "Killah Dre" was arrested Thursday in  Texas for allegedly striking and killing a Houston-area police sergeant with his vehicle while fleeing a traffic stop this week, according to a report.

    Hacker accesses family's Ring camera and tells their 8-year-old he's S... - CNN 8 hours ago

        Someone gained access to the Ring security camera of a Tennessee family and used the speaker feature to harass their 8-year-old daughter, telling her he was Santa Claus and encouraging her to destroy the room.

    Olivia Wilde speaks out about her portrayal of journalist Kathy Scrugg... - Fox 8 hours ago

        Olivia Wilde is sharing her thoughts on the controversy surrounding her character in "Richard Jewell."

    Gaetz brought up Hunter Biden's substance abuse issues at impeachment ... - USA Today 5 hours ago

        After GOP Rep. Matt Gaetz brought up Hunter Biden's substance abuse during Thursday's impeachment hearing, things got personal.      

    Boris Johnson's Conservative Party projected in exit polls to win UK e... - USA Today 8 hours ago

        The result, if confirmed, likely paves the way for Johnson to push through Brexit on Jan. 31.      

    Entertainment News
    Adam Sandler and Cole Sprouse reunite 20 years after 'Big Daddy' - Fox 3 hours ago

        20 years after playing father and son, Adam Sandler and Cole Sprouse have reunited.

    Jason Aldean opens up about coping with trauma after Las Vegas shootin... - Fox 3 hours ago

        Country crooner Jason Aldean had a difficult time dealing with the 2017 mass shooting that took place during his set at the Route 91 Harvest music festival in Las Vegas.

    'Avengers' star Karen Gillan reveals which 'Endgame' scene was improvi... - Fox 5 hours ago

        One of the most memorable scenes in "Avengers: Endgame" was improvised, according to star Karen Gillan.

    Kendall Jenner impersonates sister Kylie, jokes about her lips - Fox 5 hours ago

        What's a little playful joking between sisters?

    'Queen & Slim' director says Golden Globe voters refused to see her fi... - Fox 5 hours ago

        Director Melina Matsoukas didn’t bother to set her alarm for the Golden Globes announcement Monday.

    Financial News
    Premarket: 7 things to know before the bell - CNN 3 hours ago

        Read full story for latest details.

    Why it's time for investors to go on defense - CNN 7 hours ago

        Howard Marks, co-chairman of Oaktree Capital, explains why investors should start treading lightly.

    Barnes & Noble stock soars 20% as it explores a sale - CNN NEW!

        Barnes & Noble jumped more than 20% after it said it would review a sale of the troubled company.

    Aston Martin falls 5% in London IPO - CNN NEW!

        Aston Martin is joining the ranks of listed automakers with an IPO that values the British company at more than $5 billion.

    Honda teams up with GM on self-driving cars - CNN NEW!

        Read full story for latest details.

    Health News
    Saliva test shows promise for earlier and easier detection of mouth an... - Eureka Alert 8 hours ago

        (Elsevier) Unfortunately, cancers that occur in the back of the mouth and upper throat are often not diagnosed until they become advanced. A report in The Journal of Molecular Diagnostics describes the use of acoustofluidics, a new non-invasive method that analyzes saliva for the presence of human papilloma virus (HPV)-16, the pathogenic strain associated with oropharyngeal cancers (OPCs). This novel technique detected OPC in whole saliva in 40 percent of patients tested and 80% of confirmed OPC patients.

    Study shows novel protein plays role in bacterial vaginosis - Eureka Alert 8 hours ago

        (University of Arizona Health Sciences) Women with bacterial vaginosis exhibit elevated levels of the pro-inflammatory protein, IL-36y, according to a new collaborative study led by the University of Arizona College of Medicine -- Phoenix.

    Nurses sleep less before a scheduled shift, hindering patient care and... - Eureka Alert 8 hours ago

        (New York University) Nurses sleep nearly an hour and a half less before work days compared to days off, which hurts patient care and safety, finds a new study by researchers at NYU Rory Meyers College of Nursing. The findings are published in Sleep Health, the journal of the National Sleep Foundation.

    Child care centers rarely require flu vaccination for children or thei... - Eureka Alert 8 hours ago

        (Pediatric Infectious Diseases Society) Influenza can be especially dangerous for children, who are at greater risk for serious complications from the illness, including hospitalization and even death. Yet child care centers in the US rarely require children or the adults who care for them to be vaccinated against flu, according to a new study published in the Journal of the Pediatric Infectious Diseases Society.

    Antiarrhythmic drug identified as potential treatment for pulmonary ar... - Eureka Alert 8 hours ago

        (Elsevier) High blood pressure in the lungs, known as pulmonary arterial hypertension (PAH), is a potentially fatal disease caused by obstruction of blood flow in the lungs. A new study in The American Journal of Pathology, published by Elsevier, sheds light on the pathology underlying PAH and shows that dofetilide, an FDA-approved KV11.1 channel blocker for the treatment of cardiac arrhythmias (brand name: Tikosyn), may be used for treatment of PAH.

    Regional News
    Marion's downtown Christmas event taking place this weekend - WSIL 3 hours ago

        MARION (WSIL) -- Families and community members alike can look forward to a holiday celebration with the town square being turned into a winter wonderland.  

    Pets of the Week: December 12, 2019 - WSIL 4 hours ago

        CARTERVILLE (WSIL) -- There are four furry friends up for adoption in this edition of Pets of the Week. 

    Carbondale Church hosting A Community Christmas Celebration - WSIL NEW!

        CARBONDALE (WSIL) -- If you need some plans for the family this weekend, there's a free Christmas event taking place on Friday. 

    BBB Tips: Ways to avoid delivery scams and package thefts This holiday... - WSIL NEW!

        Delivery scams and theft are particularly prevalent at the holidays when more packages are being shipped.

    Churches across southern Illinois hosting A Community Christmas Celebr... - WSIL 3 hours ago

        CARBONDALE (WSIL) -- If you need some plans for the family this weekend, there's a free Christmas event taking place on Friday. 

    Science News
    X Marks the Spot: NASA Selects Site for Asteroid Sample Collection - NASA NEW!

        Portal origin URL: X Marks the Spot: NASA Selects Site for Asteroid Sample CollectionPortal origin nid: 456699Published: Thursday, December 12, 2019 - 12:56Featured (stick to top of list): noPortal text teaser: After a year scoping out asteroid Bennu’s boulder-scattered surface, the team leading NASA’s first asteroid sample return mission has officially selected a sample collection site.Portal image: This image shows sample site Nightingale, OSIRIS-REx’s primary sample collection site on asteroid Bennu.Science Categories: Solar System

    Climate cycles and insect pests drive migration timing of reindeer's N... - Science Daily NEW!

        Biologists have discovered two unexpected drivers for migration timing that dispute long-held assumptions and provide insight into potential future effects of climate change on caribou. First, the start of migration is synchronized across North America and tied to large-scale, ocean-driven climate cycles. Second, warm, windless summers that favored insect pests lead to poorer maternal health and delayed arrivals at the calving grounds the following spring.

    When flowers reached Australia - Science Daily NEW!

        University of Melbourne research has established when and where flowering plants first took a foothold.

    Ocean microbes: Novel study underscores microbial individuality - Science Daily NEW!

        A single drop of seawater can contain a wide representation of ocean microbes from around the world -- revealing novel insights into the ecology, evolution and biotechnology potential of the global microbiome.

    First identified comet to visit our solar system from another star - Science Daily NEW!

        Comet 2I/Borisov is a mysterious visitor from the depths of space -- the first identified comet to arrive here from another star. Hubble images capture the comet streaking though our solar system and on its way back to interstellar space. It's only the second interstellar object known to have passed through the solar system.

    Sports News
    Pastrnak the Unpredictable: Bruins winger is dominating NHL - FOX Sports NEW!

        David Pastrnak is becoming one of the NHL's best players because of his unpredictability

    Americans have momentum, just not the lead in Presidents Cup - FOX Sports NEW!

        The International team has the lead

    Senators to host the Blue Jackets at Canadian Tire Centre - FOX Sports NEW!

        The Columbus Blue Jackets will take on conference foe Ottawa

    Eichel and the Sabres visit the Islanders - FOX Sports NEW!

        Jack Eichel and the Buffalo Sabres take on the New York Islanders

    Canadiens host the Red Wings after overtime win - FOX Sports NEW!

        Montreal hosts Detroit after the Canadiens knocked off Ottawa 3-2 in overtime

    Technology News
    Microsoft announces the Xbox Series X at The Game Awards, along with a... - PC World NEW!

        This is certainly proving to be a weird lead-up to the next generation of consoles. Sony's been low-key dribbling information every few months through a series of Wired exclusives. Now Microsoft's gone ahead and blown the lid off Project Scarlett at The Game Awards, of all places.The Scarlett codename is no more. The official name is the Xbox Series X—which I assume refers to the fact there will be multiple hardware setups at launch next November, one low-powered (but cheap) and one high-powered (but expensive). Presumably they'll both use the same box regardless, the elongated black obelisk shown in the reveal trailer below. It's a pretty box, though I wonder how it'll fit in most people's living rooms. Standing upright, it looks distinctly like a PC more so than a traditional console. Can you run it on its side? Is it smaller than it looks? All questions to be answered at some later date.To read this article in full, please click here

    Awesome tech gifts that cost $50 or less - PC World NEW!

        Please the gadget lover in your lifeImage by Rob Schultz/IDGWhen it comes to finding gifts that are cool, useful, and affordable, technology can check all those boxes. And contrary to what you might think, the audience for cool tech gifts is quite broad, with options for virtually everyone on your holiday shopping list.To read this article in full, please click here

    Best antivirus: Keep your Windows PC safe from spyware, Trojans, malwa... - PC World NEW!

        Antivirus software is nearly as crucial as a PC’s operating system. Even if you’re well aware of potential threats and practice extreme caution, some threats just can’t be prevented without the extra help of an AV program—or a full antivirus suite. You could, for example, visit a website that unintentionally displays malicious ads. Or accidentally click on a phishing email (it happens!). Or get stung by a zero-day threat, where an undisclosed bug in Windows, your browser, or an installed program gives hackers entry to your system.We’re not suggesting that PC security software is fool-proof. Antivirus software often can’t do much to stop zero-day exploits, for example. But it can detect when the undisclosed vulnerability is used to install other nasty bits, like ransomware, on your machine. Anyone who actively uses email, clicks on links, and downloads programs will benefit from an antivirus suite.To read this article in full, please click here

    13 game demos hit Steam to celebrate The Game Awards, including System... - PC World NEW!

        Tonight Geoff Keighley will host the sixth annual Game Awards, and per usual it will be as much about hyping up forthcoming games as it is celebrating the old ones. You can catch it live tonight at 5:30 p.m. Pacific on YouTube, Twitch, Mixer, and so forth—or save yourself three hours and check back here tomorrow for a recap of all the various trailers. There’s a twist this year, though. In addition to the show itself, Keighley’s put together what he’s calling The Game Festival, “a first-of-its-kind digital consumer event that brings the magic of hands-on gameplay demos to fans around the world.”To read this article in full, please click here

    Google makes it safer to text on Android phones, but end-to-end encryp... - PC World NEW!

        As part of its year-end push to bring Android Messages up to speed, Google is rolling out two new features today: Verified SMS and spam protection. Together, they will help make sure your conversations aren’t taken over by people you don’t want to talk to.Like the phone app, Google won’t automatically filter out suspected spam messages, but it will warn you when it suspects one has arrived. You’ll be able to let Google know whether it got it right and also report spam texts, all of which will be used to improve the detection engine.In addition to flagging spam, Google will also verify whether you’re indeed chatting with the brand you think you’re chatting with. If so, Google will add a verification badge alongside the business name and logo in the conversation. Google says 1-800-Flowers, Banco Bradesco, Kayak, Payback, and SoFi are among the first brands to send messages with Verified SMS, with more being added daily.To read this article in full, please click here

    US News
    Two killed in protests over controversial Indian citizenship bill - CNN 1 hour ago

        Hundreds of people have joined a hunger strike in northeast India, where the government has deployed troops and shut down the internet in the wake of a controversial citizenship bill opponents worry will marginalize non-Hindu voices in one of India's most ethnically diverse regions.

    The luxury yacht that turns into a submarine - CNN 1 hour ago

        It looks like something straight out of a James Bond movie, but this concept might just signal that the future of superyachts is sub-aquatic.

    Survivor of Jersey City attack came face-to-face with shooter, reports... - CNN 1 hour ago

        When two shooters opened fire on a kosher supermarket in Jersey City on Tuesday, one person was able to escape.

    Cuomo: Trump tweet a metaphor for our mess - CNN 2 hours ago

        CNN's Chris Cuomo calls out Republican lawmakers for their silence following President Trump's Twitter attack on 16-year-old climate activist Greta Thunberg.

    Desert hunting with the falcons of Abu Dhabi - CNN 2 hours ago

        Twelve-year-old Mohammad is the first to spot the tracks.

    World News
    How Boris Johnson’s election gamble paid off - Reuters World 5 hours ago

        It was a straight forward message: “Get Brexit done.”

    Russia raises concerns over new U.S. ballistic missile test: RIA - Reuters World 5 hours ago

        Russia said on Friday it was alarmed after the United States tested a ground-launched ballistic missile that would have been prohibited under the Intermediate-range Nuclear Forces Treaty, the RIA news agency reported.

    Britain needs Brexit parliament vote soon, EU's Michel says - Reuters World 5 hours ago

        The European Union hopes for a quick British parliament vote on Britain's withdrawal from the bloc and clarity on London's plans following Prime Minister Boris Johnson's triumph in elections, the head of the European Council said on Friday.

    U.S. envoy to visit Seoul as deadline looms for stalled North Korea ta... - Reuters World 6 hours ago

        The U.S. special envoy for North Korea will arrive in South Korea on Sunday ahead of a year-end deadline set by Pyongyang for Washington to soften its approach to stalled denuclearization talks, Seoul said on Friday.

    Victory for nationalism: Johnson's win puts UK's future in doubt - Reuters World 6 hours ago

        The election result was hailed as a victory for English, Scottish and Irish nationalism - and it could spell the end of the United Kingdom.

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