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Monday, December 17th  


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    Most Popular News Headlines
    Miley Cyrus risks a nip slip on 'Saturday Night Live' - Fox News NEW!

        Miley Cyrus left little to the imagination during her performance of "Nothing Breaks Like a Heart" on "Saturday Night Live" with Mark Ronson this week.

    Coast Guard member kills wife, 7-year-old son, self amid domestic disp... - Fox News NEW!

        A U.S. Coast Guard member fatally shot his wife and 7-year-old son before turning the gun on himself, authorities said Sunday.

    Octomom says manager forced her into porn, fertility doctor lied to he... - Fox News NEW!

        Nadya Suleman, known to the world as "Octomom," doesn't appreciate the "Octomom" moniker — and sees herself as "a classic victim" of the media, of her doctors, of her management.

    WATCH: Video shows accused ISIS supporter bragging of plot to bomb gay... - Fox News NEW!

        A Northern California man faces several decades in prison after admitting to setting up social media accounts to support the Islamic State group, prosecutors said.   

    Experts: More armadillos making St. Louis home - WPSD NEW!

        Wildlife experts say the nine-banded armadillo is settling into the St. Louis area after marching from Texas across the county for the last 169 years.

    Entertainment News
    Joy Behar says she 'wasted' her 20s, didn't feel like part of feminist... - Fox News NEW!

        Joy Behar said this week that she "wasted [her] 20s."

    'Schitt's Creek' star Emily Hampshire's ex wanted to buy her breast im... - Fox News NEW!

        There are some bad gifts, and then there's the gift "Schitt's Creek" actress Emily Hampshire didn't get.

    Meghan Markle inspires Prince Harry to opt out of decades-old royal ho... - Fox News NEW!

        Prince Harry is reportedly choosing not to participate in a decades-old holiday tradition with his brother Prince William this year as a sign of respect to his new bride Meghan Markle.

    Octomom says manager forced her into porn, fertility doctor lied to he... - Fox News NEW!

        Nadya Suleman, known to the world as "Octomom," doesn't appreciate the "Octomom" moniker — and sees herself as "a classic victim" of the media, of her doctors, of her management.

    Geoffrey Rush accused of inappropriate behavior by ‘Orange Is the Ne... - Fox News NEW!

        “Orange Is the New Black” star Yael Stone came forward Monday with allegations of misconduct against Geoffrey Rush, a year after the Oscar-winning actor was accused of inappropriately touching another Australian actress while working on a theater production.  

    Financial News
    Commuter Consumer - Washington Post NEW!

        The daily ride has given rise to audio books, the travel mug and a 7-Eleven Inc. trademark, Dashboard Dining. The national motto has become grab and go, and legions of businesses work feverishly to fill a near-sacred space: the cup holder.

    'Death Tax' Divide - Washington Post NEW!

        With the House having again approved permanent repeal of the estate tax, the issue now moves to the Senate, where, although Republicans are in the majority, enthusiasm for wiping out what conservatives like to call the "death tax" is considerably more muted.

    MCI Calls Qwest's Bid 'Superior' to Verizon's - Washington Post NEW!

        MCI Inc.'s board of directors embraced a cash-rich offer from Qwest Communications International Inc. after months of saying the company was a financially weaker and strategically less desirable merger partner than Verizon Communications Inc.-The Washington Post

    Investor Beware: The Con Is On - Washington Post NEW!

        It's the season to scam. I think I've used the phrase "low-life bum" more than I care to as I've read story after story this past year of investors being ripped off in new and old scams.

    Health News
    Medical emergency department visits can indicate increased suicide ris... - Eureka Alert 9 hours ago

        (Elsevier) A new study published in the American Journal of Preventive Medicine provides detailed insights on the increased risk of self-directed violence that patients aged 15-29 years visiting the emergency department (ED) for medical complaints subsequently experience. This underscores the importance of EDs in suicide prevention. The broad number of physical health conditions associated with an increased risk of self-directed violence may serve to support expanded or broader screening among teens and young adults.

    School nutrition policy implementation slows weight gain in middle sch... - Eureka Alert 9 hours ago

        (UConn Rudd Center for Food Policy and Obesity) New study from researchers at the UConn Rudd Center and Yale School of Public Health finds that middle school students who receive nutrition policy interventions experience an increase in body mass of less than 1 percent, while students who do not receive these interventions experience an increase in body mass of 3-4 percent. Students with these interventions also report eating less fast food and consuming fewer sugary drinks.

    Neuroscience-protein that divides the brain - Eureka Alert 9 hours ago

        (Kanazawa University) A recent study published in iScience researchers at Kanazawa University describes the role of a molecule, Netrin, in creating borders inside the brain to compartmentalize the functions of the brain.

    Hen harriers and red grouse: Finding common ground in a persistent con... - Eureka Alert 9 hours ago

        (British Ecological Society) A conflict between those working to conserve numbers of hen harriers and those maintaining commercial shooting of red grouse in the English uplands has existed for decades with little sign of progress. Drawing on work conducted in psychology, a new study published today in the journal People and Nature investigated the underlying values that hunters and conservationists hold that make it so hard to find shared solutions.

    A method to monitor indoor crop health no matter what planet you're on... - Eureka Alert 9 hours ago

        (Botanical Society of America) Scientists at the University of Florida Space Plants Lab are using the single-image normalized difference vegetation index (SI-NDVI), a popular metric of plant health and photosynthetic rate originally developed for satellite-based monitoring of plant growth, to monitor crop health in indoor farming conditions. SI-NDVI allowed detection of stress signatures before stress was visible to the naked eye, proving the technique can be useful whether plants are grown in space or right here on Earth.

    Regional News
    KSP investigating death of McCracken County Jail inmate - WPSD NEW!

        Kentucky State Police are investigating the death of a McCracken County Jail inmate.

    Reward offered in search for missing Colorado woman - WPSD NEW!

        Police are offering a $25,000 reward for information leading to the whereabouts of a Colorado woman who was last seen on Thanksgiving Day.

    Christmas cookie ideas - WPSD NEW!

        We have a selection of great cookie recipes for you to try.

    Electronic filings available statewide in small-claims cases - WPSD NEW!

        Kentucky officials say people representing themselves in small-claims cases can now avoid trips to the courthouse by filing documents electronically.

    Experts: More armadillos making St. Louis home - WPSD NEW!

        Wildlife experts say the nine-banded armadillo is settling into the St. Louis area after marching from Texas across the county for the last 169 years.

    Science News
    Average outpatient visit in US approaching $500 - Science Daily 1 hour ago

        The average outpatient visit in the United States costs nearly $500, according to a new scientific study. In addition, the average inpatient stay had a price tag in 2016 of more than $22,000. Both of these dollar amounts underscore a common understanding in the health profession: The US exceeds every other nation in total health care costs.

    Boston Harbor cleanup was economically justifiable, finds new study - Science Daily 1 hour ago

        A first-of-its-kind retrospective study finds that environmental cleanup projects are economically viable. The economic evaluation analysis estimates that Boston Harbor -- once dubbed America's filthiest harbor -- is now worth between $30 and $100 billion in ecosystem services. The study demonstrates that the post-cleanup value of healthy ecosystems and their associated benefits to society should be considered when evaluating options for coastal areas.

    'Treasure trove' of dinosaur footprints found in southern England - Science Daily 1 hour ago

        More than 85 well-preserved dinosaur footprints -- made by at least seven different species -- have been uncovered in East Sussex, representing the most diverse and detailed collection of these trace fossils from the Cretaceous Period found in the UK to date.

    The gene helping submerged plants - Science Daily 1 hour ago

        Climate change threatens plants as the risks of flooding increase. A new study shows that special genes are key to keeping plants from withering, remaining healthy and resistant to a lack of oxygen when they are underwater for a period of long time. Developing tolerant plant varieties that have this gene will increase harvest and will be increasingly important as the changing climate leads to more rainfall.

    Increasing use, and misuse, of benzodiazepines - Science Daily 1 hour ago

        More than one in eight US adults (12.6 percent) used benzodiazepines in the past year, up from previous reports. Misuse of the prescription drugs accounted for more than 17 percent of overall use, according to a new study.

    Sports News
    WATCH: Did the Cowboys get 'exposed' in shutout loss to Colts...Skip a... - FOX Sports NEW!

        Skip Bayless says the Cowboys got 'exposed' in shutout loss against the Colts

    Skip Bayless says the Cowboys got ‘exposed’ in shutout loss agains... - FOX Sports NEW!

        Skip Bayless reacts to the Dallas Cowboys' Week 15 shutout loss to Andrew Luck and the Indianapolis Colts.

    Preview: Bucks at Pistons - FOX Sports NEW!

        The Detroit Pistons put their losing streak to bed on Saturday night. They don't have a lot of time to rest up for their next challenge.

    Preview: Timberwolves vs. Kings - FOX Sports NEW!

        The last time the Minnesota Timberwolves returned from a winless West Coast trip, they managed to overcome a slow start by winning a number of home games.

    Nick Wright blames Dak Prescott for the Cowboys shutout loss to the Co... - FOX Sports NEW!

        Chris Canty joins Nick Wright and Cris Carter to recap the Dallas Cowboys shutout loss to the Indianapolis Colts. Hear why Nick wasn't surprised by the Colts win and blames Dak Prescott for the Cowboys shutout.

    Technology News
    Buy a Ring Video Doorbell 2 on sale and get a free Echo Dot - PC World 3 hours ago

        If you’re still searching for an ideal gift for the smart home fanatic in your life, consider the Ring Video Doorbell 2. Right now, the Ring sequel is $170 at Best BuyRemove non-product link and many other retailers, but Best Buy sweetens the deal by adding a third-generation Amazon Echo Dot for free.To read this article in full, please click here

    Fitbit rolls out OS 3.0 for Versa and Ionic with new apps, more stats,... - PC World 3 hours ago

        Fitbit OS 3.0 is rolling out to Ionic and Versa watches bringing new apps, enhanced dashboard features, and powerful APIs.

    Lenovo gives its affordable ThinkPad L390 notebooks a boost with Intel... - PC World 3 hours ago

        Lenovo has unveiled refreshed 13.3-inch ThinkPad L390 and L390 Yoga notebooks for business customers, now sporting Intel’s latest Whiskey Lake processors while maintaining two conveniences from their predecessors, the ThinkPad L380 and L380 Yoga.Lenovo’s ThinkPad L-series notebooks represent the value class of Lenovo’s ThinkPad business lineup, appealing to professionals as well as consumers who want a more serious-minded notebook solution. They’ll be priced starting at $659 for the L390, and $889 for the L390 Yoga, and available in December in either black or silver.The new L390 Yoga maintains two handy features that were also offered in the L380 Yoga: the hinge-mounted “world camera” that can be used for workers or students in the field, and the refreshing trend of “garaging” the Lenovo Active Pen within the L390 Yoga’s chassis. The latter feature helps to avoid losing the Active Pen within a briefcase or backpack, a convenience that few of its competitors—with the exception of the Samsung Notebook 9 Pen, perhaps—offer. Both laptops are also MIL-SPEC tested, for increased durability.To read this article in full, please click here

    ButterflyVPN Traveler review: A convenient package for a serviceable V... - PC World 6 hours ago

        ButterflyVPN in brief:P2P allowed: NoBusiness location: Panama, United States, and TaiwanNumber of servers: 400+Number of country/region locations: 6 Cost: $89 (USB dongle and three years service)VPN protocol: TCP-based private protocolData encryption: ChaCha20Data authentication: ChaCha20Handshake encryption: ChaCha20Most of the time when we look at a VPN service we’re talking about desktop clients that run on your PC. There are a few services, however, that build their VPN into a piece of hardware. One such service is ButterflyVPN, which sells an $89 USB dongle that can be plugged into any USB port that supplies power. There’s also an option to buy a simple home router (for $99) that automatically connects to the VPN, but this review is covering the Traveler USB Dongle.To read this article in full, please click here

    Edifier S880DB Bluetooth speakers review: Small but serious musical pe... - PC World 6 hours ago

        Edifier's self-powered Bluetooth speakers also support just about every wired source you could want, both digital (optical, coax, and USB) and analog (dual stereo RCA).

    US News
    Father of once-decorated Green Beret now facing murder charge welcomes... - Fox News NEW!

        The father of the former Green Beret who is now being charged with murder in the killing of a suspected Taliban bombmaker tells Fox News that he is “more than happy” with President Trump getting involved in the case.

    Jesuits sent abusive priests to retire on Gonzaga's campus - Fox News NEW!

        On the surface, Father James Poole seemed like the cool priest in Nome, Alaska.

    Cremated remains stolen from Nevada post office, sparking reward and p... - Fox News NEW!

        Four sisters from Alabama are pleading for help after their father's cremated remains were among a trio stolen from a post office in Nevada on Friday.

    After being bullied, boy named Trump gets some encouragement - Fox News NEW!

        An anti-bullying organization is offering some encouragement to a middle-school student who has been teased because his last name is Trump.

    Florida boy’s mission to help the homeless: ‘God sent a note to my... - Fox News NEW!

        Click for details...

    World News
    Israeli PM Netanyahu’s son booted from Facebook after post calling f... - Fox News NEW!

        The son of the Israeli prime minister was temporarily blocked from Facebook after he criticized the social media platform for removing an earlier post in which he called for “avenging the deaths” of two Israeli soldiers killed by Palestinian gunmen.

    Madagascar's presidential runoff pits 2 ex-heads of state - Fox News NEW!

        The Indian Ocean island nation of Madagascar goes to the polls on Wednesday for a runoff presidential election that features two former heads of state who have a prickly past.

    Hungary: Protesting MPs ejected from state Broadcasting HQ - Fox News NEW!

        Security forces physically ejected Hungarian opposition lawmakers from the headquarters of the Hungarian state broadcaster MTVA in Budapest in the early hours of Monday morning.

    Report: Iranian steel mill workers detained after protests - Fox News NEW!

        Iranian authorities detained an unspecified number of steel mill workers after five weeks of protests over delays in salaries, a semi-official news agency reported Monday The report by ILNA says the arrests took place on Sunday night.

    Onetime Indian politician convicted in 1984 anti-Sikh riots - Fox News NEW!

        An Indian court on Monday convicted a former politician for his role in riots that swept India in 1984, leaving thousands of Sikhs dead in bloody pogroms, and sentenced him to life in prison.

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