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Saturday, March 25th  


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Current Weather Conditions in PADUCAH, KY - Updated Mar 25 8:00 AM

55° F
(12° C)
Wind:  West at 13 mph
Pressure:  29.61 inches Rising
Humidity:   74%
Dewpoint:   47° F (08° C)

5 Day Forecast for PADUCAH, KY - Updated Mar 25 8:00 AM
Mar 25
Mar 26
Mar 27
Mar 28
Mar 29

Most Popular News Headlines
At least 21 people are dead after powerful storms nearly level some ne... - CNN 3 hours ago

    At least one tornado rolled through western Mississippi on Friday night, damaging homes and knocking out power as the threat of storms remain overnight for neighboring Alabama and Tennessee.

It's not just your imagination. More places are asking you to tip - CNN 4 hours ago

    More stores now offer customers the option to tip, from coffee shops to ice cream stores.

13 dead in tornado that ripped through Mississippi and Alabama, offici... - USA Today 3 hours ago

    A powerful tornado has torn through rural Mississippi and Alabama, killing at least seven people, destroying buildings and knocking out power.     

The far out, far-right plot that Germany is still trying to unravel - CNN 6 hours ago

    An extremist and until recently almost unheard-of network in Germany is back in the spotlight after police carried out nationwide raids against it.

How Girl Scouts found itself in a cookie debacle - CNN 2 hours ago

    For decades, Girl Scouts has used cookie sales to raise funds and teach scouts about entrepreneurship. This year, thanks to the Raspberry Rally cookie, members got a painful lesson in what can happen when high demand meets limited supply.

Entertainment News
Kanye West Claims He's Pro-Jewish Again, Thanks to Jonah Hill - TMZ 5 hours ago

    Kanye West says he's done a 180 on his views about Jewish people and is no longer an antisemite -- thanks to actor Jonah Hill. The rapper took to Instagram Friday night to announce that he was watching the 2012 film, "21 Jump Street," starring Hill…

New Video Shows Pennsylvania Chocolate Factory Exploding - TMZ 5 hours ago

    A Pennsylvania chocolate factory exploded in broad daylight Friday, killing two people and injuring eight others ... and the images of the blast are just INSANE. Check out video, obtained by FOX 29 Philadelphia, showing the moment the R.M. Palmer…

'Vanderpump Rules' Tom Sandoval and Raquel Leviss Grab Dinner After Re... - TMZ 10 hours ago

    Tom Sandoval and Raquel Leviss may have a ton of new enemies, but they're clearly not letting outside noise hinder their support for one another ... because they went out for dinner together after filming the "Vanderpump Rules" reunion. The reality…

Tekashi 6ix9ine's Baby Mama Says Beatdown Is Embarrassing For Daughter... - TMZ 10 hours ago

    Tekashi 6ix9ine's baby mama says he didn't just embarrass himself by getting jumped at the gym ... he embarrassed his daughter, too. Sara Molina, through her rep, tells TMZ ... Tekashi's very public altercations have been sad to see, adding their…

Lamar Odom Gifts Shoes, Basketballs To African Hooper In Need Of Gear - TMZ 10 hours ago

    Lamar Odom played the role of Santa about nine months early this year ... deciding to send a bunch of gifts to a hooper in Africa -- after he was inspired by the way the man was training with beat-up gear. The baller's name is Nkwain Kennedy, and…

Financial News
Brett Arends's ROI: How America’s retirement readiness is going back... - Market Watch 3 hours ago

    Click for details...

MarketWatch First Take: Chip legend Gordon Moore leaves behind a Silic... - Market Watch 10 hours ago

    Gordon Moore, a founding father of Silicon Valley, died Friday at 94, with his passing marking the further end of a golden era for the technology industry.

: Intel co-founder and digital-era pioneer Gordon Moore dies at 94 - Market Watch 11 hours ago

    Gordon Moore, the co-founder of Intel Corp. who helped accelerate the digitization of everyday life, died on Friday at his home in Hawaii. He was 94.

: The human cost of bank failures - Market Watch NEW!

    Also, how to buy a home in this difficult housing market, stock picks and retirement planning.

Brett Arends's ROI: Fed Chairman Jerome Powell hikes interest rates â€... - Market Watch NEW!

    Interest rates at banks are an insult

Health News

Regional News
No injuries reported in McCracken County school bus crash - WPSD NEW!

    No injuries were reported in a two-vehicle crash involving a McCracken County school bus on Friday, according to the McCracken County Sheriff's Office.

Police arrest man accused of stealing patrol car with K-19 inside - WPSD NEW!

    The police department says an officer responding to a report of shots fired returned to where his cruiser was parked to find that the vehicle — and the K-9 inside of it — had been stolen.

Weakley County Courthouse now open as storm refuge - WPSD NEW!

    The Weakley County Courthouse is open now as a storm refuge and will be until the "all clear" is given.

Roads flooded in Fulton, Graves County - WPSD NEW!

    Remember: turn around, don't drown. As little as 6 inches of running water can push a car off the roadway.

Roads flood in western Kentucky - WPSD NEW!

    Remember: turn around, don't drown. As little as 6 inches of running water can push a car off the roadway.

Science News
Hubble Snaps a Galactic Jellyfish - NASA 2 hours ago

    Portal origin URL: Hubble Snaps a Galactic JellyfishPortal origin nid: 486276Published: Friday, March 24, 2023 - 07:00Featured (stick to top of list): noPortal text teaser: Streams of star-forming gas dripping from the disk of galaxy JW100 are formed by a process called ram pressure stripping.Portal image: Lower Left: spiral galaxy with bright bulge & arms seen edge-on. Patchy blue trails extend below it, resembling tentacles, made from star-forming regions. Top, Left of Center: very large, whitish-gold elliptical galaxy with two cores.

Hubble Monitors Changing Weather and Seasons at Jupiter and Uranus - NASA NEW!

    Portal origin URL: Hubble Monitors Changing Weather and Seasons at Jupiter and UranusPortal origin nid: 486253Published: Thursday, March 23, 2023 - 10:00Featured (stick to top of list): noPortal text teaser: Hubble – as interplanetary meteorologist – is keeping track of the outer planets' weather, as it does every year.Portal image: Lower half of Jupiter. Cloud bands of rusty-orange, dull yellow, white, and brown. Swirling ovals and turbulent waves of clouds bound by the bands. Yellow-orange moon, Io, just right of center. It casts its shadow toward the planet's left limb.

NASA’s Webb Spots Swirling, Gritty Clouds on Remote Planet - NASA NEW!

    Portal origin URL: NASA’s Webb Spots Swirling, Gritty Clouds on Remote PlanetPortal origin nid: 486230Published: Wednesday, March 22, 2023 - 10:00Featured (stick to top of list): noPortal text teaser: Researchers observing with NASA’s James Webb Space Telescope have pinpointed silicate cloud features in a distant planet’s atmosphere. The team, led by Brittany Miles of the University of Arizona, also made extraordinarily clear detections of water, methane and carbon monoxide with Webb’s data, and found evidence of carbon dioxide.Portal image: Artist illustration of an orange planet with swirling patterns (left) that orbits two distant bright stars (top right), set against a dark speckled background.

Be a Solar Active Region Spotter! - NASA NEW!

    Want to help unravel the Sun’s secrets? Come track sprawling magnetic fields as they rotate across the Sun! (Credit: Emily Mason/NASA)“Active regions” are large concentrations of magnetic field on the Sun, home to dramatic phenomena such as solar flares that can affect the Earth and other planets. Scientists need your help tracking these active regions as they return from their trip around the Sun’s far side. Try the new NASA-funded "Solar Active Region Spotter" project on the Zooniverse platform, and you’ll help unlock nearly a decade's worth of imagery from NASA’s Solar Dynamics Observatory!“Since we lack far-side observations of the Sun, active regions disappear from view as the Sun rotates,” said Dr. Emily Mason. “That’s a challenge for researchers, who have to expend a lot of effort determining the identity of each active region for long-term studies.”At "Solar Active Region Spotter" you'll view images showing two active regions as reported by the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration. Your answers to three simple questions will indicate whether the pair is in fact the same region.Join the project---and help us understand our nearest star!Related Featurehttps://www.nasa.gov/image-feature/active-regions-on-the-sunNASA’s Citizen Science Program:Learn about NASA citizen science projectsFollow on TwitterFollow on Facebook News Article Type: Homepage ArticlesPublished: Tuesday, March 21, 2023 - 12:19

L.A. Youth Robotics Competition Leaves Student Teams Energized - NASA NEW!

    Portal origin URL: L.A. Youth Robotics Competition Leaves Student Teams EnergizedPortal origin nid: 486233Published: Monday, March 20, 2023 - 17:18Featured (stick to top of list): noPortal text teaser: Supported by volunteers from JPL and the aerospace industry, the annual regional FIRST Robotics event makes an impact on young competitors and adult mentors alike.Portal image: FIRST Robotics Competition Los Angeles Regional

Sports News
Biggest offseason decision for all 32 teams - ESPN News 5 hours ago

    Should the Sharks trade Erik Karlsson? Will the Maple Leafs hire a new GM? What will the Golden Knights do in goal? Plus, our latest 1-32 rankings.

NHL playoff watch: A must-win for the Capitals? - ESPN News 5 hours ago

    Washington's playoff hopes are on the ropes as a matchup against rival Pittsburgh looms tonight. Plus, full playoff projections, updated draft lottery standings and more.

What's it like to be a top NFL free agent? Mike McGlinchey shares ever... - ESPN News 5 hours ago

    McGlinchey shared his NFL free agency experience, starting from the end of the 2021 season through signing a contract with the Broncos.

NFL experts debate: Underrated deals, best and worst signings, most im... - ESPN News 5 hours ago

    A dozen NFL experts break down all the big free agency moves.

Anthony Davis finds comfort in Lakers, LeBron, his health - ESPN News 5 hours ago

    A foot injury threatened to derail another season, but the Lakers big man found motivation in a rainbow drawing from his 6-year-old.

Technology News
Interpol confirms arrest of crypto fugitive Do Kwon in Montenegro - CNN 2 hours ago

    Interpol says a man arrested in Montenegro is Kwon Do-hyeong, also known as Do Kwon, the disgraced founder of a collapsed crypto company who is wanted in South Korea and the United States on fraud and other charges.

Purr. Whirr. - Washington Post 2 hours ago

    Mecho-pets such as the catbot is easier for many people -- the elderly, the allergy-stricken, the autistic and disabled children and adults -- to relate to than a real cat.

China approves its first mRNA Covid-19 vaccine - CNN 2 hours ago

    China has approved its first Covid-19 vaccine based on mRNA technology, months after the country lifted strict pandemic measures.

Where TikTok users may go if the app gets banned - CNN 2 hours ago

    On the eve of a high-profile TikTok hearing this week, the company shared that it now has more than 150 million US monthly active users. But after the heated, hours-long hearing, filled with lawmakers telling TikTok's CEO the app should be banned, some may now be wondering where all those users will go next if the social network disappears.

China may prefer TikTok to be banned than fall into US hands - CNN 2 hours ago

    Two years after an abortive sale, TikTok is, once again, facing the specter of being banned completely in the United States, its biggest market, if its Chinese owners don't sell their stake in the social media platform.

US News
At least 23 people are dead after powerful storms nearly level some ne... - CNN 1 hour ago

    At least one tornado rolled through western Mississippi on Friday night, damaging homes and knocking out power as the threat of storms remain overnight for neighboring Alabama and Tennessee.

Video: See how rapper's latest music video led police to sue him - CNN 1 hour ago

    Several Ohio police officers are suing Afroman after the rapper released a music video using footage of them conducting a warrant search of his home in 2022.

Women's NCAA Tournament live updates: South Carolina continues pursuit... - USA Today 1 hour ago

    The remaining No. 1 seeds – South Carolina and Virginia Tech – take the court Saturday as the women's NCAA Tournament continues with Sweet 16 action.     

Vice President Harris embarks on history-making Africa trip amid US-Ch... - CNN US News 1 hour ago

    When Kamala Harris steps off Air Force Two in Ghana on Sunday, she'll become the first Black woman US vice president to visit Africa, marking another chapter in her barrier-breaking role.

NWSL 2023: What to know ahead of new season - CNN 1 hour ago

    The National Women's Soccer League (NWSL) gets underway this weekend.

World News
Bayern Munich fires manager Julian Nagelsmann - CNN 12 hours ago

    Bayern Munich announced Friday it has fired club manager Julian Nagelsmann and will appoint Thomas Tuchel to the post, effective immediately.

Why the Syrian drone strikes and US retaliation may yet be a big deal - CNN NEW!

    The US has conducted an airstrike in Syria against what it said were Iranian-affiliated facilities after a suspected Iranian drone struck a facility housing US personnel in the country, killing an American contractor and wounding five US service members.

World Athletics regulations on transgender women athletes risk human r... - CNN NEW!

    Trans rights advocates have warned sports governing bodies that "blanket bans" on transgender women from competing in women's categories risk "violating fundamental human rights principles."

The French are up in arms over retiring at 64. How do other countries ... - CNN NEW!

    A nationwide strike in France to protest a rise in the retirement age drew more than a million people onto the streets on Thursday before ending in violent clashes with police in Paris and other cities.

King Charles state visit to France postponed amid violent pension prot... - CNN 2 hours ago

    King Charles's state visit to France has been postponed amid planned protests planned next week over the French government's controversial pension reforms.

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