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Wednesday, May 18th  

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Most Popular News Headlines
Investigators reveal Casey White and Vicky White paid someone $100 to ... - CNN 5 hours ago

    Casey White and Vicky White paid a man to help them book an Indiana hotel room during their time on the run after the inmate and corrections officer slipped away from an Alabama jail, setting off an 11-day manhunt.

Flight data suggests China Eastern plane deliberately crashed: Wall St... - CNN 2 hours ago

    Black box data recovered from a China Eastern flight that crashed in March suggests someone in the cockpit intentionally downed the plane, the Wall Street Journal reported, citing a preliminary assessment from United States officials.

'Jimmy had his fingerprints on that': How Butler took over Game 1 - ESPN News 8 hours ago

    The veteran forward has been known to drive up his coach's blood pressure, but performances like his 41-point outburst in Game 1 make it all worth it.

Congressman Eric Swalwell Wants to End Pentagon Retribution Over UFOs - TMZ 7 hours ago

    Congressman Eric Swalwell says we should not tolerate Pentagon retribution against government officials and military personnel who speak up about UFO sightings, and he's hopeful Congressional hearings this week will change the culture surrounding…

Tuesday primary takeaways: Madison Cawthorn loses, election denier win... - USA Today 1 hour ago

    Tuesday's primary election results in Pennsylvania and more highlight the limits and the reach of former president Donald Trump in the 2022 midterms.     

Entertainment News
Depp vs Heard Trial Hottest Ticket, Scalpers, Screaming Matches Over S... - TMZ 7 hours ago

    The hottest ticket in Hollywood is 2,500 miles away ... in Fairfax County, Virginia.  It's bigger than the Oscars. Bigger than the Grammys. Bigger than the Emmys. It's Depp vs. Heard. It's been a madhouse at the courthouse ... when the trial…

TikTok Star Tayler Holder Denies Sexual Assault Allegation Rumors - TMZ 7 hours ago

    Tayler Holder is clearing the air ... flat out saying no one has come forward to accuse him of sexual assault, and insists any rumors claiming otherwise are lies. The TikTok star opened up on the "TMZ Verified" Podcast, following online speculation…

Buffalo Families to Receive Huge Donations, Ben Crump Ramps Up for Law... - TMZ 7 hours ago

    The families of the victims killed in the Buffalo massacre are getting a lot of help in the wake of this tragedy -- both on the crowdfunding front ... but, possibly, on the civil side too. Fundraisers have been organized in the aftermath of…

Congressman Eric Swalwell Wants to End Pentagon Retribution Over UFOs - TMZ 7 hours ago

    Congressman Eric Swalwell says we should not tolerate Pentagon retribution against government officials and military personnel who speak up about UFO sightings, and he's hopeful Congressional hearings this week will change the culture surrounding…

Rey Maualuga Pleads Guilty To 2 Felonies In DUI Case, Gets No Addition... - TMZ 8 hours ago

    Former Cincinnati Bengals star Rey Maualuga has pleaded guilty to two felony charges in his DUI crash case ... but TMZ Sports has learned he was not sentenced to any more time behind bars. Instead, according to court documents, Maualuga entered…

Financial News
Encore: The SEC has taken the first step toward undermining 401(k) pla... - Market Watch NEW!

    Allowing Amazon shareholder vote could lead to worse retirement outcomes

Peter Morici: Biden needs some Republicans on his foreign policy team - Market Watch NEW!

    The White House is too much a hot house of economic isolationism and left-wing statism to champion a strong defense and free markets in a dangerous world.

Dow Jones Newswires: Tencent Holdings revenue growth slows to weakest ... - Market Watch 1 hour ago

    China's pandemic resurgence weighed on the Chinese social-media and videogame behemoth's results.

Market Snapshot: U.S. stock futures slip a day after solid market boun... - Market Watch 1 hour ago

    Investors are waiting to see if markets can build on Tuesday's gains, but wary after a set of hawkish comments by the Fed Chairman.

Autotrader: Is it better to finance a car or lease it? How to decide. - Market Watch 1 hour ago

    How do you know which situation is better for your long-term financial goals? To help you answer that question, here are five things to consider.

Health News

Regional News
Abraham unseats Parker in primary for McCracken County District 2 Comm... - WPSD NEW!

    Click for details...

Spraggs defeats Neal in Marshall County judge executive primary, McGui... - WPSD NEW!

    With all precincts reporting, changes are in store for Marshall County government.

Community mourns former state trooper, Calloway County Chief Deputy Jo... - WPSD NEW!

    Cash, 44, was killed Monday in a shooting that happened around 2:10 p.m. Monday at the Marshall County Sheriff's Office.

Local sheriffs remember fallen Calloway County Chief Deputy Jody Cash - WPSD NEW!

    Local 6 has learned more about the events leading up to the deadly shooting outside the Marshall County Sheriff's Department Monday. Kentucky State Police say Calloway County Chief Deputy Jody Cash was killed in the incident.

Eyewitness to Marshall County officer involved shooting shares details... - WPSD NEW!

    A Calloway County Sheriff's deputy was shot and killed in front of the Marshall County Sheriff's office.

Science News
How do You Harvest Microgreens in Microgravity? - NASA NEW!

    PROJECTMicrogreens Root Zone/Shoot Zone Separator Planting Box projectSNAPSHOTHarvesting and containment technologies for microgreens may allow astronauts to add these delicious, nutritious crops to their space diet.LaShelle Spencer, Amentum Senior Horticultural Scientist; Lawrence Koss, Amentum Engineering Technologist; and Dr. Lucie Poulet, NASA Postdoctoral Fellow, harvesting microgreens during parabolic flight, Nov. 18th, 2021 (Image credit: Steve Boxall, Zero-G Corporation)Astronauts on long-duration exploration missions may consume fresh produce to add bioavailable nutrients and variety to their packaged diet.  Microgreens are nutritious and delicious, but growing and harvesting these small, densely packed plants without gravity could be challenging.  NASA has recently developed some candidate approaches to these challenges and has tested them using parabolic flights to provide short durations of microgravity.Kennedy Space Center is home to NASA’s space crop production research efforts, including a team focused on growing crops to feed astronauts during future space exploration missions. While the current space diet is excellent, with numerous highly palatable foods, both the nutritional content and the food quality can degrade if those foods are stored for long durations. Microgreens are small, densely grown, young plants that have great potential as space crops. The term “microgreens” actually describes the growth stage of the plant, where true leaves are just emerging.  Because microgreen plants are harvested when they are small, many seeds are planted in a dense configuration to provide sufficient salad to eat. Microgreens require few resources to grow, needing little to no fertilizer and relatively low light. While many seeds are required, the seeds are generally small and lightweight, so a large number can be packed into a tiny cargo. Microgreens grow fast, with most being ready to harvest between 7 and 14 days. Nearly any plant whose leaves, stems, or even roots are edible can be grown and eaten as a microgreen.  Some common types of crops grown as microgreens include broccoli, radish, carrot, basil, and even sunflower.  Microgreens are nutrient-dense; the nutritional composition of a microgreen is between 4 and 10 times that of the same plant grown to maturity. And microgreens are delicious, with flavors concentrated in these tiny plants.(L to R Jacob Torres, Amentum Technical Horticultural Scientist; Dr. Christina Johnson NASA Postdoctoral Fellow; and Dr. Lucie Poulet, NASA Postdoctoral Fellow, harvesting microgreens on the Dec. 8th, 2021 parabolic flight. (Image credit: Steve Boxall, Zero-G Corporation)However, growing and harvesting microgreens in space without gravity is challenging. Plant roots grow in contact with water and fertilizer, and thus tend to have much higher levels of microbial contamination, which can present food safety concerns.  Therefore, only the microgreen shoots are consumed in space.  In addition, harvesting microgreens requires cutting the small plant stems and then collecting the cut plants. On Earth microgreens are cut with scissors and bagged by hand, though commercial operations may use automatic or robotic harvesting methods.  In space, once the stems are cut, these tiny plants may float around the spacecraft as debris and become difficult to collect and capture. To address these issues, the Kennedy team developed several concepts for growing microgreens with separate root and shoot zones and harvesting and containing them in microgravity.The Kennedy team designed growth boxes that separate the root zone and the shoot of the microgreens.  Separating the root and shoot zone not only allows us to understand and characterize the growing shoots by measuring photosynthesis and water loss from the canopy, it also allows for a way to harvest the plant and limit contamination from the roots.  The Kennedy team tested these growth boxes with different harvesting and bagging methods on parabolic flights. On a parabolic flight, the airplane’s trajectory consists of a series of parabolas, each of which provides approximately 20 seconds of weightlessness followed by 20 seconds of high gravity.  Research flights typically follow a trajectory consisting of a series of six groups of five parabolas. In the Kennedy team’s microgreen test flights, the first group of parabolas induced Martian (3/8 g) and Lunar (1/6 g) gravity levels instead of weightlessness. (L to R) Dr. Lucie Poulet, NASA Postdoctoral Fellow, and Dr. Gioia Massa, NASA Senior Project Scientist, harvesting microgreens on the Dec. 7th, 2021 parabolic flight. (Image credit: Steve Boxall, Zero-G Corporation)Three different harvesting methods were tested in parabolic flight including the traditional approach of using scissors, another using a sliding blade we called “the guillotine,” and a third we called a “pepper grinder,” which consists of two plates that when counter-rotated sever the microgreen. Bagging or containment approaches tested included both manual bagging into a zip-top bag, and using a removable mesh bag with a drawstring that was attached to the growth boxes.  Both bagging methods were tested with all three harvesting approaches. Because these plants are small and would float away and potentially be lost in a parabolic flight aircraft, our team conducted the harvests inside a glove box to contain any free-floating plants and debris during the harvests. The glovebox also included cameras to record the activities inside the box, as well as an accelerometer to record the gravity levels and a timer to keep track of the duration of operations.  This glovebox has been used in multiple parabolic flights and was provided by Dr. George Pantalos, University of Louisville, who also served as ground support for our flights.  Three team members on each flight took turns either operating the harvest procedures, assisting with the harvest operations, or coaching on timing, gravity stages, and next steps.View through the glovebox wall showing microgreens, side-view camera, and timer. (Image credit: Christopher Bermudez)The team participated in three parabolic flights and conducted 24 different harvests during each parabolic flight. Data were collected via video as well as questionnaires that the operators filled out. In between each set of parabolas, the harvested boxes and bagged microgreens were removed from the glovebox, any debris was cleaned up, and fresh boxes and harvest bags were installed in the glovebox.  After each flight, the harvested microgreens were weighed, and photos of the harvested boxes were taken to see how cleanly plants were cut and what plants and debris remained. The number of loose microgreens generated during each harvest and the effectiveness of the various harvest approaches are being assessed from the videos and data virtually by intern Haley Boles. In addition, students involved in the citizen science education program Growing Beyond Earth, run by Fairchild Tropical Botanic Garden in partnership with NASA, have helped our team test other box configurations and plant species as part of this project.  Christopher Bermudez, a student intern at Fairchild Garden, served on the ground team and was ground team photographer for the December parabolic flight tests. (L to R) Christopher Bermudez, Fairchild Tropical Botanic Garden Student, and Dr. Christina Johnson, NASA Postdoctoral Fellow, weighing microgreens harvested from the Dec. 8th, 2021 parabolic flight. (Image credit: Christopher Bermudez)It takes a village to feed a village, and space crop production research also involves a variety of different groups within NASA. This research project was supported by grants from NASA KSC’s Independent Research and Technology Development Program, NASA’s Flight Opportunity Program in the Space Technology Mission Directorate, NASA Postdoctoral Program Fellowships to Dr. Lucie Poulet and Dr. Christina Johnson supported by NASA’s Space Biology program in the Biological and Physical Sciences Division.  The Growing Beyond Earth Program is supported by a grant from NASA’s Office of Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math (STEM) Engagement. PROJECT LEADSDr. Gioia D. Massa, Dr. Lucie Poulet. and Dr. Christina Johnson, NASA Kennedy Space Center (KSC)SPONSORING ORGANIZATIONSNASA KSC’s Independent Research and Technology Development Program, NASA’s Flight Opportunity Program (STMD), NASA Biological and Physical Sciences Program.Read more Technology HighlightsMaster Image: 

Hubble Reveals a River of Star Formation - NASA NEW!

    Portal origin URL: Hubble Reveals a River of Star Formation Portal origin nid: 479333Published: Tuesday, May 17, 2022 - 08:00Featured (stick to top of list): noPortal text teaser: This newly revised NASA Hubble Space Telescope image of the Hickson Compact Group 31 (HCG 31) of galaxies highlights streams of star-formation as four dwarf galaxies interact.Portal image: A bright star at image center, above it are two galaxies merging with bright blue star forming regions. A stream of blue-white stars trails off to the bottom of the image just left of center to another dwarf galaxy at the bottom of the image.

New theory promises to reshape how we think about polymer superstructu... - Science Daily NEW!

    Polymer scientists recently announced that they have solved a longstanding mystery surrounding a nanoscale structure, formed by collections of molecules, called a double-gyroid. This shape is one of the most desirable for materials scientists, and has a wide range of applications; but, until now, a predictable understanding of how these shapes form has eluded researchers.

Stimulating brain circuits promotes neuron growth in adulthood, improv... - Science Daily NEW!

    Targeting specific brain cells modulated memory retrieval and altered anxiety-like behaviors in mice. Essentially, scientists boosted the electrical activity between cells in the hypothalamus and the hippocampus to create new neurons -- an important process called neurogenesis.

Scientists provide more than 50K camera trap images for massive study ... - Science Daily NEW!

    Scientists working in the vast Amazon Basin have contributed more than 57,000 camera trap images for a new study.

Sports News
'Jimmy had his fingerprints on that': How Butler took over Game 1 - ESPN News 8 hours ago

    The veteran forward has been known to drive up his coach's blood pressure, but performances like his 41-point outburst in Game 1 make it all worth it.

Best best to win Conference Finals MVP, NBA Finals predictions I FOX B... - FOX Sports 9 hours ago

    FOX Bet has Boston Celtics star Jayson Tatum as favorite to win the Eastern Conference Finals MVP and in the Western Conference Golden State's Steph Curry is the favorite. Clay Travis and Cousin Sal weigh in on who has the best odds to win. Plus, the guys give their NBA Finals predictions.

Butler-led Heat ride 39-14 third quarter to G1 win - ESPN News 9 hours ago

    Led by another stellar outing from Jimmy Butler, the Heat outscored the Celtics 39-14 in the third quarter Tuesday night to take a 1-0 lead in the Eastern Conference finals.

Stephen Jackson reacts to Pat Beverley’s criticism of Chris Paul... - FOX Sports 9 hours ago

    Stephen Jackson joins Marcellus Wiley and Emmanuel Acho to discuss Patrick Beverley's recent comments on Chris Paul. Stacks explains why he defends CP3 after the Phoenix Suns playoff elimination.

Has the Chris Paul criticism gone too far? I SPEAK FOR YOURSELF - FOX Sports 10 hours ago

    Stephen Jackson joins Marcellus Wiley and Emmanuel Acho to discuss Patrick Beverley's recent comments on Chris Paul. Acho explains why they doesn't have an issue with the criticism.

Technology News
Google announces new smartphones, a watch and tablet at its I/O develo... - CNN NEW!

    Google on Wednesday unveiled an expanded lineup of hardware products in the latest sign it remains committed to moving beyond its core advertising business and competing with the likes of Apple.

MCI Calls Qwest's Bid 'Superior' to Verizon's - Washington Post NEW!

    MCI Inc.'s board of directors embraced a cash-rich offer from Qwest Communications International Inc. after months of saying the company was a financially weaker and strategically less desirable merger partner than Verizon Communications Inc.-The Washington Post

Twitter announces partial hiring freeze and senior exec exits - CNN NEW!

    Twitter is halting hiring and parting ways with two senior leaders as it awaits a pending acquisition by Elon Musk.

Texas has declared open season on Facebook, Twitter and YouTube with c... - CNN NEW!

    Texas residents can now sue Facebook, Twitter and YouTube for allegedly censoring their content after a federal appeals court sided Wednesday with the state's law restricting how social media sites can moderate their platforms.

Airbnb unveils new way to book longer stays ahead of summer travel sea... - CNN NEW!

    Airbnb on Wednesday announced new ways to search for and book homes on the platform in response to the rise of remote work and the number of customers choosing longer stays.

US News
Heat star Jimmy Butler 'senses' the moment, delivers with another huge... - USA Today NEW!

    Jimmy Butler made his mark on both ends of the floor with 41 points, nine rebounds, five assists, four steals and three blocks in Miami's Game 1 win.     

Most CEOs are bracing for a recession - CNN US News NEW!

    The mood in the C-Suite is darkening.

The unusual new superyacht concept with a giant glass eye - CNN NEW!

    As record numbers of superyachts enter the market, designers have been pushing the limits further and further in order to ensure their concepts stand out.

Why you could be paying 50% more for a jug of milk this year - CNN NEW!

    Prices are rising at the fastest pace in decades, creating a cost-of-living crisis that's forcing people around the world to make tough choices about what to buy.

Hopes fade for missing Burkina Faso miners as rescuers find no survivo... - CNN 1 hour ago

    Rescue workers have found no survivors in a rescue chamber deep inside a flooded zinc mine in Burkina Faso, the government and the mine owner said on Tuesday, all but extinguishing hope that eight missing miners could still be alive after a month.

World News
France names first female Prime Minister in 30 years - CNN 10 hours ago

    Elisabeth Borne has been named the new Prime Minister of France, the first time in 30 years that a woman has held the position.

Lebanese vote in high-stakes parliamentary election - CNN NEW!

    Lebanese citizens voted Sunday in a high-stakes parliamentary election, the first since a 2019 popular uprising demanded the downfall of the ruling elite, blaming traditional parties for corruption and mismanagement.

India bans wheat exports as heat wave hurts crop, domestic prices soar... - CNN NEW!

    India banned wheat exports on Saturday — days after saying it was targeting record shipments this year — as a scorching heat wave curtailed output and domestic prices hit a record high.

4 reasons the economy looks like it's crumbling — and what to do abo... - CNN NEW!

    The American economy is super weird right now.

Female student killed by mob at Nigerian school over blasphemy claims - CNN NEW!

    A female student in northern Nigeria was killed by a mob who stoned, beat and set fire to her for allegedly posting a blasphemous statement against the Prophet Mohammed, according to police.

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